Our Services | ARI Restoration International
ARI | Artisan Restoration International preservation and historic conservation of architectural surfaces, sculptures, sacred art, and furniture in metal, wood, and stone. ARI restore an object’s life and beauty back to its original grandeur.
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Our Services

Metal Casting

Casting art, furniture and architectural elements in bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum using the lost-wax process.

Metal/Wood/Stone Restoration

Restore, refurbish, and patina surfaces to preserve the life and beauty of these surfaces. Preservation of objects of historical signifigance follow best practices and procedures.

Statue/Sculpture Restoration

Includes patina, structural repair and maintenance of contemporary and historic works of art.

Custom Art Commissions

As an artist-based organization, we create custom art of our own design or can collaborate with your design/vision. To see examples of work visit our portfolio or donnazarbinbyrne.com

Signage & Lettering

Your signage makes a statement with our customized approach to artistic signage.


Mold-making, and casting to reproduce your object in various metals, concrete, fiberglass and composite materials.


Custom sculpting services to bring your ideas to fruition. We work in many materials including various metals, clay, wax and plaster.


Mig, tig and soldering. Whatever your project requires.

Custom Patinas

Traditional hot patina as well as cold patinas and faux finishes.

Gilding, Gold & Silver Leaf Applications

Objects, lettering, frames , sculpture and architectural elements.

Protective Coatings

Expertise in protection of surfaces in corrosive environments.

Color Matching

Wood surfaces, patinas, faux finishes. Color is our speciality.

Decorative Painting

Cleaning and restoration of paintings, architectural frescos, ceramic mosaics.

Frieze Duplication

Casting of architectural elements in metal as well as composite materials such as concrete and fiberglass (for lightweight reproductions). All surfaces are color matched to reproduce existing architectural details.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance services extend to signage, sculpture, railings, elevators, doors, light fixtures, entryways, and more with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Shipping and Art Handling

ARI is equipped to handle packaging and shipping of fine art objects as well as work on location.